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These are the cards that the Tarot has drawn for you. You may want to save or print this page if you would like to ponder their messages later.


The Past position in the reading refers to recent events and challenges that just took place, things that lead up to the present situation, and your role in them.

The Devil
The Devil is the sixteenth card in the Major Arcana, and is given the number 15 to indicate the Magician (1) using the (5) elements (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit) for materialistic purposes. Note the Devil’s four fingers and thumb held up (5), while the cudgel (1) aims the power down at the earth...the reverse position of the Magician. The inverted pentagram on the Devil’s forehead is a symbol indicating spirit submerged in and subjugated by matter, or the material world. The Devil presides over a couple from a superior position, in a perversion of the trio on the Lovers card. The couple remain chained to his solid block of stone, though the shackles are loose. They are naked, vulnerable—and yet their faces remain calm. They are entranced by the promises of superficial gain that the belief in the Devil has given them. They remain chained to their worldly desires, believing that only what is concrete and physical is important.

When the Devil appears in your past, it indicates that the root of your issue lies in a time when pettiness, materialism, and base desires were rampant. In the Christian faiths, the Devil is the enemy. Like Lucifer, whose vanity and conceit cost him God’s favor, the Devil in the Tarot can be a warning to the selfish and egotistical. Overall, the Devil in your past symbolizes a time when you took a long, hard look at your darker self. If you pushed it to the side and allowed it to fester in darkness, it only grew more grotesque, and erupted when you least expected, or when you just plain lost control. If you brought them, slowly and safely, into the light and integrated them into your personality safely, you broke your chains, and were set free.


The Present position in the reading represents what is happening right now. Typically, this is what triggers you to seek out a reading. This card can often help you to understand what steps to take next.

Justice is the twelfth card in the Major Arcana, and is given the number eleven, which is considered a “master” number in numerology. Though the most familiar image of justice is that of a blindfolded woman, this image stares directly at us, unhindered...much more intimidating! Marking the halfway point in the Major Arcana, she symbolizes an equality between the past and the future—and the importance of the present to them both. She holds a set of balanced scales, and a sword, upright, ready for action. With her scales, she weighs all sides evenly, and with her sword, she cuts through the many layers of illusion and lies to the deeper truth. Her crown is a symbol of her status, gained through fair dealings, and her red robes indicate her power, passion, and vitality. With one foot visible, she is poised, ready to spring forth at any time to defend and act on the judgements she decrees.

Justice urges you to examine your past, and how the actions of your past have brought you to your present. In doing this, you realize how what you do right now will influence who you become in the future. You must accept that your present situation is one you helped create. In doing so, you can cut through the illusion of events to the wisdom you should be gaining from them. You can then begin to consciously take action to manifest better situations in your future. The Justice card often appears to signal that people are getting what they deserve. If the situation in question has legal ramifications, it can indicate a fair trial, a settlement, or winning in any general legal battle...the honest side will triumph.


The Future position in teh reading describes what is just around the corner. It’s an official “heads up” about where the situation is heading and how you may navigate through it towards the best possible outcome.

Ten of Cups
The Ten of Cups suggests the success of family and emotional fulfillment. The rainbow is the promise of stability and protection, and in the Bible, the rainbow was used as God’s promise that he would never again send a flood of destruction to the earth. You may soon go through a process that helps you to realize how strong your family is, and what they have done to help create who you are and give you strength. Your current family, if you have one, will be growing closer, perhaps after a very trying time. This card can also signify the start of a new family, like a young tree sending its first roots into the ground.

We hope you enjoyed your Three Card Reading. To go even deeper, try our more comprehensive Ten Card Reading.

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