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Melody Bishop


Melody Bishop has been reading the Viking Runes ever since she was sixteen. She comes from a family of readers and psychics. She will use the runes to help you with bring a sense of peace and healing to your reading. her translationof the Runes have been stunningly accurate.


J.S. writes:

"I WAS, on an occasion, witness to one of the most extraordinary personal readings that anyone could imagine. Melody's interpretation that evening was so spot-on that it bordered on the incredible. However Melody's client proceeded afterwards is a mystery in many ways, but Melody's reading that night was uncanny. I will never forget it, and the one for whom Melody did the reading should never forget it, either. Simply Amazing, Melody!"

Sharon Muzio writes:

"I think Melody Smith Bishop is an exceptionally intuitive Rune reader. Her style puts a client at ease and enables an open flow of energy. AltaViewWellness is very proud to host Melody.

Jenea writes:

"I was very pleased with my [online] reading because the level of accuracy amazed me. Melody was very much right in what she saw. There are many stresses in my life right now but her reading gave me some much needed direction."

Karen writes:

"My reading yesterday at the Inner Connection was wonderful! Thank you Melody. I took you advice and tried some of the exercises you suggested….good stuff!"

C.R. writes:

"Melody was dead on in her reading at Alta View Wellness Soulful Sunday!! Thanks Melody!!!"

Click4Advisor Feedback posted on August 02, 2013:

User Comments: I loved talking to Melody. Her advise and readings are brilliant. I am sure to schedule an appointment again! I thank her for her patience and friendliness.
Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely

Education and Experience
Melody Bishop has been featured in the Harrisburg Patriot News as well as the Central Pennsylvania Holistic Health Networker (currently out of print). She teaches classes in the Harrisburg PA area on Runes, Pendulums, Crystals andother metaphysical subjects. She also reads at local venues and expos in the tri state area (PA MD and WV)

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