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Choosing the right Tarot Deck can be like finding the right mate. The Tarot is a deeply personal journey that each person takes in his or her own time. Often, I've heard it said that one can only be given a deck. While it is certainly wonderful to recieve such a meaningful gift from a close friend, it is equally important to seek out your own Tarot deck, one that suits your personal tastes and cultural affinities. Whether it be based on Celtic mythology, feminist spirituality, or Jungian psychology, finding the “right” Tarot deck can often take years of searching. When you find that deck, you will feel as though you've come home. The imagery of the particular representation of Tarot symbolism you choose will resonate deep within your soul. I chose the Marseilles Tarot, made popular during the latter half of the 15th century, as the deck for the site for its rich history and for how well it fit with the “old book” theme. For the interactive features, I use the Rider Waite Tarot, the most well known deck and the one I use in my own readings. When you find the deck that's right for you, I recommend you treat it like a close friend. Tarot decks are often kept in fine silk, but if you prefer wearing wool, or another fine fabric, wrap your special deck in that. Keep it in a box of your favorite wood and put the box somewhere special: on your dresser, your mantle, or on your personal altar. One reader I know keeps his deck unwrapped on his kitchen table, always ready to offer wisdom to those who need it. However you choose to care for it, the Tarot will become a trusted guardian on your journey through life.

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