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These are the cards that the Tarot has drawn for you. You may want to save or print this page if you would like to ponder their messages later.


The Past position in the reading refers to recent events and challenges that just took place, things that lead up to the present situation, and your role in them.

Five of Swords
The Five of Swords indicates defeat. You may have lost a battle (most likely a mental one), and found yourself in retreat, seeking to calm the choppy waters of your emotions. The character collecting the swords suggests that a score- keeper, motivated by revenge and vindication, was at the heart of your troubles. This card can also be a warning to you to avoid your own lusts for revenge, showing that only hurt and pain will be the result. These wounds you suffered needed time to heal. Even now, you should concede your defeat and find new things to focus on, letting go of this part of your past.


The Present position in the reading represents what is happening right now. Typically, this is what triggers you to seek out a reading. This card can often help you to understand what steps to take next.

King of Swords
The King refers to you, or someone who strongly influences your life in the situation in question, but does not have to be male. He is an authority figure who wears the yellow crown of mental energy. The butterfly on his throne is a symbol of his emergence from a chrysalis: he transforms into the confident King depicted on the card. He has fought many psychological battles, and has gained wisdom, hence his purple mantle. He listens carefully to all sides, basing his judgement on his own experiences, trying to make the fairest decision. The birds flying over him, symbols of Air, fly above it all. Their vantage point offers them an impartial view, just like that of the King. He sometimes appears unapproachable, unfeeling, and cold because of his remote countenance. Apply his view to your current situation.


The Future position in teh reading describes what is just around the corner. It’s an official “heads up” about where the situation is heading and how you may navigate through it towards the best possible outcome.

Five of Cups
The Five of Cups suggests that you will soon be upset over a loss or disappointment. The three cups spilled at the man’s feet in the picture indicates the loss you may experience. You may not be aware of the strong support system that remains, indicated by the two cups still standing. Your friends and loved ones will offer their support but, for a while, you may focus too much on the disappointments. The river in the image suggests the troubled emotions that may soon make you feel lost and distant; you may cut yourself off from the joy and love associated with home. Remember to notice the bridge that isn’t far from view. It can lead you home again, into the arms of your loved ones.

We hope you enjoyed your Three Card Reading. To go even deeper, try our more comprehensive Ten Card Reading.

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